Five Reasons Why Ole Miss Should Be in the Playoff

Five reasons why Ole Miss should be in the playoff…

1. Ole Miss faced one of the most brutal schedules in the country, playing five teams who appeared in the top 10, defeating the current #1 (who was #1 then) and current #4 (who was #1 for 5 weeks). Who else has such a combo of marque wins?

2. Except for a questionable holding call that called back a winning TD against ranked LSU and a broken ankle 2 inches from the winning TD against then #3 Auburn, Ole Miss is 11-1, champion of the SEC West, ranked #1 in the country with wins over #1, #3 and #4.

3. Ole Miss is generous. Even though Ole Miss had more total yards and more first downs than Arkansas, the Rebels refused to score on the Hogs by handing them six turnovers. It’s hard to turn down a team for the playoff that is so giving.

4. With all of the attention Mississippi has received this year, at least one team from MS should be included, and Ole Miss won the state. Maybe we can call this spot “the wild card,” just to keep the playoff fun!

5. A guy can dream, right? 🙂

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