For Skeptics, Prodigals and the Wounded: The View Will Be Worth It


It really is a blessing to have the Appalachian Trail in our community’s back yard. There are lots of great hikes in our area. But there are a few hikes that are uniquely beautiful and memorable. One of those is the hike up to the peak of Blood Mtn. As we ascend the summit of Romans 8, we are going to experience a view from the gospel’s perspective like the view from Blood Mtn., a spectacular vista revealing the mountains of grace that are ours through the cross of Jesus. However, with all hikes, we make our journey from a variety of backgrounds. Anyone who has through-hiked the AT knows the colorful cast of characters who can be found on the trail each year. On Sunday at Creekstone, I suspect that we will have a similar variety. Some will be skeptics, others prodigals, and those who have been wounded by the fall and are just looking for hope. There will be some who are in really good shape, too. We’ll count on you to carry those who are too weak to climb the steep parts. At any rate, my hope is that all of us will find Creekstone to be a safe context in which to make the journey. Feel free to take your time. Ask questions. Confess your doubts. It’s okay to be real. We’ll take one step at a time together. Sometimes stumbling. Again, it’s okay. The main thing is to start hiking. The view will be worth it.

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