Ft. Yargo Trail Race

Saturday was a beautiful day to trail race at hilly Ft. Yargo State Park, near Winder, GA. Dirty Spokes Productions put on another great event, with equally great dry-fit t-shirts. The race started around 30 degrees but “warmed” to the upper 30s (maybe near 40) by the time most of the 13.1 mile runners were in (but the wind was a bit brutal, making it feel much colder). I ran the half-marathon in 2:03, which was better than I had expected considering the terrain, cold and wind. So, I crossed the finish line a happy camper/runner. Of course, the winning time beat me by over 30 minutes! Will never understand that kind of speed. I’m just glad to be a finisher most of the time. đŸ™‚  Anyway, Dirty Spokes had boxes of bananas and boxes of pizza for an after race season of nutrient restoration. I’m not sure what the pizza was restoring, but I didn’t ask questions. Here is a map of the race: 


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