Gift Wrapping Ministry Needs a Coordinator!

For the past two years Creekstone has hosted the Free Holiday Gift Wrap at Wal-Mart from 10:00 a.m. ’til 4:00 p.m. during a Saturday in mid-December.  It’s been a great success and a unique opportunity for us to share the simple message of the gospel during the Christmas season. We don’t advertise for Creekstone, nor do we accept any tips or donations. The Gift Wrap is a practical demonstration of free grace, which is something that can’t be earned, only received.  That’s the message of the gospel and the hope of Christmas.  We’ve had some incredible testimonies as a result.

Listen to one mother’s story:

“Today I spent the last the money to my name on Christmas presents for my children. Wrapping paper was something I rationalized I would have to wait to purchase until I earned a few more dollars at work. Knowing that my babies would get the gifts they asked for was enough motivation to ignore the gnawing anxiety about the months bills that would have to wait. After paying for my items and leaving the store a group of college students stopped me and offered to wrap every last one of my gifts for free. The only message they had to share was that God’s grace was free, all we had to do was accept it. Though I am still unsure of what I do and don’t believe in, I am still shaken by their kindness and hope to make someone else’s life better for just a moment as they made mine. Love is alive and well. Thank you, strangers.”

The only thing standing in the way of being able to host the event this year is an coordinator/organizer/team leader. If you are able and willing, Andy Woznicki can equip you with everything you need to know in order to pull off another day of blessing for our community.

If you’re interested, please contact Andy at your earliest convenience.  His email is His phone number is 706-525-9071.

Thanks for your consideration!

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