Go on a Mission S.P.R.E.

In Sunday’s message on Romans 9, I encouraged us, in light of the gospel, to consider going, not on a spending, but on a mission S.P.R.E. (for fun, we’ll pronounce it “spree,” even though it only has one e). The four aspects of that acrostic are explained below, which describe how ordinary folks can be part of the Creekstone mission movement. For more explanation, listen to the messge here.
  • SHARE. Share the gospel content by using a simple illustration. Here are three easy ones: 
    • Do vs. Done
    • The A+ for the F
    • Humpty Dumpty Evangelism (search this blog for the post on Humpty Dumpty Evangelism)
  • PRAY. Pray evangelistically. Not just for physical needs, but spiritual needs—that God would enable someone else to discover the gold mine of the gospel, the “riches of God’s grace.”
  • RESOURCE. Provide resources such as books (Transforming Grace by Jerry Bridges and/or The Prodigal God by Tim Keller are great places to start) and/or a link to the Creekstone iTunes podcast.
  • EXPOSE. Get folks exposed to the gospel by inviting or bringing them to a Creekstone service, or to any service anywhere they will be sure to hear an explicit presentation of the core message of the gospel. 

Isn’t this simple? And isn’t that exciting! You don’t have to go to seminary to be on the front lines of the kingdom’s advance—an advance that does not seek to conquer people, but to liberate them with the freeing message of God’s grace in Jesus through the cross.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are not a Christian, you may be concerned, or even offended that we would target you with God’s evangelistic message. But before you walk away, consider this. If I had a vein of gold under my property and wanted to share it with you, you probably would not be as offended by that kind of offer. However, the offer of the gospel is just like that.  We are offering riches of grace much like the riches of gold. So, if you are interested, I would be glad, in a no-pressure, “not trying to sell you anything” get together, just let me know.  

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