God Provides in Unexpected Ways

I received an email this week and thought it might encourage you as much as it encouraged me!

“Just this week out of the blue, I got a renewal notice from our flood insurance company from our old home [in which we lived before moving to Dahlonega], which I thought we had cancelled already. I contacted the insurance agent and she told me that the flood company had never cancelled the policy and so after we submitted a few documents, I found out that we would be receiving a big check back from the insurance company. Thanks to our recent series in church, the first thing that came to our mind after “we could use this money at Christmas,” was that God had held this money back from us previously so that it would be available now so we can help fund the mission at Creekstone. Though it will be far from the largest donation on Sunday, to us it was a great example of God providing us with an opportunity to trust him with our finances.”

I love this story and the truth it teaches: God provides in unexpected ways to fund HIS mission of advancing the gospel. What a priviledge to be part of it!