Going to Bed Grateful

I just wanted to write a quick note to my Creekstone friends to let you know how grateful I am to have a ministry among you. It is hard to put in words what a joy it is to teach such a receptive and responsive group of folks who come hungry for grace week after week. You love the message of the cross, and to hear you sing to enthusiastically about the Savior’s finished work to songs like, In Christ Alone, is, well, awesome.

I want you to know that grace is making a huge difference in our lives. It is obvious. Today, when Andy mentioned the family who needs clothes after their home burned, we had an overflow of requests for information on how to help. Additionally, as I looked around the lobby after the service, I stood in amazement at the variety of groups hanging around talking and laughing and sharing deep needs. We are no longer just a crowd. We are being shaped into community, and it thrills my heart. This is because when grace creates an authentic, grace-saturated, Jesus-loving community, the overflow is mission, where others are reached with the same grace that is revolutionizing our lives. Let’s imagine and begin to dream what this might mean in the coming year, with more and more people will encounter the radical grace of Jesus and have their lips opened to proclaim the wonder of the gospel and the greatness of our Savior!  

So thank you for being part of this small movement of grace we call Creekstone. May it grow deep and wide to the praise of God’s glory in the cross. Yes, I am going to bed grateful.

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