Good Leaders Listen

PastedgraphicGood leaders listenThis applies to husbands, fathers, coaches, managers, teachers, politicians, pastors, etc. Since I’m on that list several times, I need to make a confession: one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in ministry and marriage is not listening well.
As someone who likes to be right, I find it hard (really hard) to listen to the opinions, recommendations, critiques and advice of others. If I am a leader, I am supposed to have the answers, the wisdom and the vision to see the right path, right? Have you ever tried following someone who was never wrong? Tried living with him/her? Okay, now we get it!
The good leader recognizes that wisdom is not found in one person, but in the collective perspective of many. Yes, as a leader, I must make the decision and take responsibility for the outcome. But I am to lead by listening—to others in my family and on my staff team, and most importantly to the one who is Omni-wise.
As Jesus said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”  

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