Good Medicine

I read a blog post from Bill Kynes this morning that was really helpful. It encouraged pastors to focus on the one thing that they can uniquely contribute to the church—their role as a physician of the soul. The medicine, of course, is the gospel, and it must be dispensed in every possible way—from preaching, to leading, to counseling, to casting vision, etc. Here are a few take aways:

  • We must not be jack of all trades. We must focus on what we have been uniquely gifted and called to do—minister the gospel through teaching and preaching.
  • “For this reason, I believe the most important thing for a pastor to be good at is deepening his grasp of God’s gospel and its implications for every area of life. That is, we are to be gospel-centered in our thinking, in our living, and in our pastoring.”
  • “We are to be models of Christian living, not just Christian working, for the gospel calls us to make Christ Lord of all. So how the gospel affects our marriages and family life is just as much a part of our ministry as our public preaching. The gospel is lived out at home through the self-giving love for our wives and raising our children with grace and truth. All this is included in a gospel-centered life.”

I have Dr. before my name. My youngest has always said that I am a doctor who can’t help anybody. “He’s just a book doctor.” 🙂  And she is so right. I can hardly diagnose a head cold, much less treat it. But in my calling as a pastor, I am a spiritual cardiologist—a physician of the soul. I still can’t help anyone. But the medicine can, because it gets us connected to the ultimate physician, Jesus.

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