Grace and Men Conference Summary, Part 2

Here is a summary (Part 2) from last weeks Grace and Men Conference at Perimeter Church. For Part 1, just go here. The notes below are from Tullian Tchividjian’s talk on Galatians 5:16-26.

  • There are no human fingerprints on the golden chain of salvation (Rom. 8:29-30). So… 
  • Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that at your worst, God loves you less.
  • Don’t fight against our only hope of grace! Don’t water it down. Fear not the sanctifying nature of grace.  
  • Grace does not make a regenerate heart rebel. It melts my heart and compels me toward love-motivated obedience.
  • My core identity is in Christ, but we have an internal war that rages between the flesh and the Spirit. Thus, our experience is simul justus et peccator.
  • Sin is an identity crisis. When we sin we are dealing mainly with belief, not primarily behavior. This means that change in behavior must mot merely be the result of moral reformation via law, but spiritual transformation by the Spirit. 
  • A failure to believe the gospel functionally (Jesus is my righteousness) gives birth to all of our sin.
  • Obedience to Jesus is not drudgery or obligation; it is freedom and blessing.
  • A genuinely gospel-driven life will enable us to manifest the fruit of the Spirit (which fulfills the law at the deeper, motive level rather than mere surface, outward, Pharisee level).
  • Freedom is a life rooted in grace that fixes a gaze on Jesus as Redeemer. As I gaze and believe, fruit begins to grow on the branch as the Spirit fills us and influences us.

Obviously, there is much more to say. Nevertheless, I think it helps us see that that a radical justification focus is the critical element in bringing about the radically sanctified life. After all, we are not sanctified by talking about sanctification, but through living in union with Jesus as our perfect righteousness. In other words, the root of positional justification produces the fruit of progressive sanctification. 

Or as John Bunyan said, “Run, run the law demands, but gives me neither feet nor hands; ’tis better news the gospel brings: it bids me fly and gives me wings.”

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