Passion Week/Friday: Great Friday

It’s Friday. 

Jesus has been betrayed, arrested, tried in two kangaroo courts, scourged, and is now hanging, nailed by hand and feet, from a cross. 

The Romans had perfected painful death. Crucifixion was designed to be torturous in order to prevent rebellion and curb heinous crimes. It was a death reserved for the worst of the worst, much like the death penalty today.

The Romans, however, were not concerned that the recipient of such a sentence have his dignity preserved as is the case with contemporary executions, which largely are private matters where death is intended to be administered in a controlled, humane environment. 

The closest example we have of crucifixion would be a public hanging, but  without the bag covering the head of the condemned. 

Crucifixion was intended not only to be painful but humiliating. The convicted would be stripped, exposed, nailed, raised up for all to see, and mocked. Jesus’s crucifiers added their own spit to the mix. 

torturous technique of death by crucifixion, a form of death designed to inflict the greatest suffering possible to those condemned to suffer upon the wood beams of a cross. 

physical pain wasn’t the only element of wound inflected upon the victims of the cross. It was To die by crucifixion was humiliating. 

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