Ground Zero


Some of the most striking images for me in the aftermath of 9-11 were the firefighters digging through the rubble at ground zero looking for survivors. It was dangerous, hard work. They were heros and should be recognized as such as our nation remembers their sacrifice on 9.1.01.

What if Lumpkin County were ground zero of a different kind? Statistically 73% of the people in Lumpkin County have essentially no exposure to the gospel. That’s 22,000 people. If we exclude exposure to religious moralism, the number could be closer to 90% (based on conversations I have with folks, most of whom believe the gospel is “be a good boy and God will love you”).  The truth is that we live in the midst of a spiritual ground zero right here in Dahlonega, GA. Thousands of people are buried in the rubble of a fallen world and broken lives. If you are a follower of Jesus in the Dahlonega area, I want to invite you to be part of the rescue mission, helping expose others to the truth that on the cross, Jesus experienced the ultimate ground zero.  As the ultimate rescuer, he voluntarily put himself in the place of judgement and was buried under the rubble of our sin so that we could be rescued and live. In a statement, Jesus experienced the terror of justice so that I might experience the tenderness of God’s mercy.

So, have you been rescued? If so, will you become a rescue volunteer? Let’s make it our aim as partners in the gospel to reach the 22,000 (or more) with the message of the cross. 

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