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“Faith comes by hearing…” ~ Romans 10:17
In the Preface to Martin Luther’s Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians, he writes about the necessity to preach and believe the doctrine of justification (passive righteousness), constantly preaching it, teaching it, repeating it and living by it as the way to walk with Jesus.
There is a righteousness which Paul calls “the righteousness of faith”. God imputes it to us apart from our works–in other words, it is passive righteousness…So then, have we nothing to do to obtain this righteousness? No, nothing at all…  Christians never completely understand [this] themselves, and thus do not take advantage of it when they are troubled and tempted So, we have to constantly teach it,repeat it, and work it out in practice.
In other words, since faith comes by hearing, hear often. In fact, you can hear it tomorrow! But we also need to hear it from ourselves as we preach the gospel to our own hearts every day (and even better, throughout the day). “In Jesus, I am fully forgiven, perfectly accepted and dearly loved. Yes, Jesus alone is my perfect righteousness. I am complete in him.”

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