“I am Not the Christ”

In John 1:20, John the Baptizer makes a profound denial. Peter had denied knowingthe Christ. But here, John denies being the Christ, saying firmly, “I am NOT the Christ.” Hmmm… That just may be a new mantra for me. Not that I would ever be confused with Jesus. However, my flesh wants the glory of Jesus, and longs to be honored, respected and valued. In addition, when I think I am anything more than a mere witness who is to testify to the REAL Christ, then I begin to stress out, thinking that I have to have all the answers, and have to be able to fix people (when I can’t even fix myself!). Also, if I have to be Jesus for people, then I can’t be vulnerable about my own need. I will not be the witness that people need and God wants to use. I will be tempted to have the spotlight shine on me, when it needs to shine on the Savior. So saying slowly, but confidently, “I am not the Christ,” helps center me… off of myself and onto the REAL Christ, Jesus.

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