“It is God Who Works in You”

This is adapted from chapter 10 of Bryan Chapell’s book, Holiness by Grace, showing us, that in sanctification, it is God who works in us:

“All that we require for growing in godliness, our God provides. In themselves, our works provide no basis for boasting, no foundation for comparison to others, and no claim on heaven’s blessing. Though it flows through us, the righteousness that sanctifies us before God originates in him. We strive in the strength that he generates, reach for him with the love that he instills, and trust him with the faith that he provides…”

“While God uses what we do to conform us to the likeness of his Son and progressively to sanctify our character, the work that pleases him is of his Spirit and, thus, cannot contribute to our spiritual merit. Our will and work are the instruments of God’s transformation of our life, but he is the agent who employs them for his purposes. The more we wrestle to be free of besetting sin, the more obvious it becomes to us that God is our Rescuer. As in thankfulness for God’s grace we strive to please him, we recognize more and more that all we do that pleases him is of him in the first place (Phil. 2:12–13).”

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