It’s Easy to Work, but Hard to Pray

In 1857, a quiet, forty-six year old businessman named Jeremiah Lamphier sensed God leading him to start a simple, noontime prayer meeting in New York City. People could attend for a few minutes or stay as long as an hour. The first day he prayed by himself for half an hour. Yet, by end of the hour six men from four different denominations had joined him. Over the next few days and weeks the group grew steadily to twenty, then forty and in a couple of weeks, one hundred men were meeting at noon- just to pray. Amazingly, within six months ten thousand men were meeting in New York City to pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit! It is estimated that two million people were converted during that prayer revival, and countless more renewed in their walk with Jesus. And it all began with a man who sensed God’s leading to pray. I’m not saying that I am a Jeremiah Lamphier, but reading his story has convicted me about prayer. Actually, I’ve been convicted about my lack of dependence on God, and my prayerlessness is merely the symptom that reveals my self-reliant heart. It is so easy to work and so hard to pray. Maybe that is because my “flesh” is resistant to being weak and to needing grace. So will you pray that I will be freshly convicted of my weakness and need—a conviction that will lead to the kind of dependent prayer that enables me to live and work in the empowering grace of Jesus.

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