“Let’s Get Political, Political”

This Sunday we return to the Gospel of John, where we left off at the end of last summer (chapter 12). The entire second half of John’s gospel focuses on the final week of Jesus’ earthly ministry, leading up to his crucifixion and resurrection. This Sunday we witness him ride into Jerusalem for the Passover Feast on… a donkey? What’s up with that? The people wanted to crown him King and he grabs… a donkey? Why not ride on a strong horse or in a chariot, or even ride in on a camel, like other middle eastern conquerors? There is a reason why he chose a donkey, and it will affect how Christians are called to engage in our contemporary political process as we live as representatives of King Jesus. Join us Sunday and discover a new perspective on how a disciple of Jesus can and should be involved in today’s political process. What you discover might surprise and challenge you. Hopefully, it mostly will encourage and inspire you. If you want to read ahead, check out John 12:12-16.

See you Sunday!

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