Let’s Help Stock the CHP Bread Basket

This ministry opportunity just in from Andy Woznicki:

Wanted to remind each of you that we have an special opportunity to provide loaves of bread and oatmeal for the Community Helping Place for the entire month of October.  There are 300 families in Lumpkin County that CHP helps feed through their food pantry each month. For awhile another organization helped specifically by keeping the bread stocked on a weekly basis.  That organization has been unable to commit this year and so CHP has reached out to the churches in our community.  Each church that committed is to keep the bread stocked for one month during the year.  October is Creekstone’s month!  Would you and your family be willing to help each week by bringing a couple loaves of bread and possibly some boxes or cartons of dry oatmeal to Creekstone on Sunday mornings throughout the month?  Joan Flewellyn has graciously offered to serve as the point person in collecting the bread on Sundays and taking it to the CHP on Mondays.  If you’d like to help, just bring as many loaves as your able to on Sunday and we’ll collect them in the lobby for Joan.  Thanks so much for considering this opportunity to help those in need in our community. Have a great week feasting on our source of living bread!

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