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Religion and politics. Fire and gas. Marriage and ministry.

These all are highly combustible relationships. Yet, as long as you exercise a degree of caution and practice gospel wisdom, the combination of marriage and ministry not only can survive. It can thrive. 

For those who have logged miles on the journey, you know that there are no simple answers nor silver bullets for the tensions that exist between marriage and ministry. Life is hard enough. Add in the pressure of pastoral expectations and self-imposed demands, you are holding a jar of liquid nitroglycerin. 

This means that marriage and ministry needs to be handled with great care. 

What can we do to avoid dropping the jar of nitroglycerin? And when we have dropped it, what are the steps forward the gospel enables us to take?

My wife, Kristy, and I would like to share 5 essential ingredients of a healthy "ministry marriage"  sponsored by The Timothy Fellowship, a cross-centered mentoring ministry for young(er) pastors/leaders and their wives.

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By the way, healthy does not mean perfect

Healthy means that all the good and the bad get tied and tethered to the cross. 

This is not self-help. It is gospel help.

Also, we do not speak either as mere theoreticians nor as experts. Although we have 27 years of marriage and ministry experience, we have learned most of our lessons the hard way.

As we like to say to couples we mentor, "We've made the mistakes so that you don't have to!" :)  Of course, you'll make them, too, and then be qualified to mentor younger pastors yourself!

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Webinar Hosts:

Dr. McKay & Kristy Caston

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