“Mission Impossible” – A 3-Week Summer Sermon Series Beginning This Sunday


One of Creekstone’s three core commitments is Organic Mission. As our philosophy of ministry statement says:

We will encourage all the folks in the church to see themselves as missionaries, word and deed ambassadors of the gospel. With that missional mindset, we will emphasize what it means to be “salt and light” in the context of our organic, relational spheres of influence. As Marva Dawn says, “Being Church means following a way of life… Evangelism happens as we go about our daily lives—to work, to the grocery store, to school, to the neighbor’s house for tea—we live the gospel. We speak it freely… We incarnate it. We display a joy in following Jesus and his Way that invites our neighbors to consider the truth of his life in us.”

So for the next three weeks, as we prepare for a new ministry/school year, I am going to teach a summer mini-sermon series entitled, “Mission Impossible,” knowing that with us, the mission is impossible. But with God, nothing is impossible, especially when empowered by the presence of the Holy Spirit. So as we study Jonah, I want us to see the compelling motive for mission, the core message of the mission as well as the potential impact and influence of the mission. I think you will be encouraged and maybe even inspired to take up the challenge. You just may be more qualified than you think!

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