My ONE Desire for Creekstone in 2016

Dear Creekstone family and friends,

If there is one desire that I have for Creekstone in 2016 it is that we be a healthy church. You see, when something is healthy it is able to fulfill its God designed purpose. This is true for children, businesses, athletic programs and yes, churches—any organization, organism or system. The principle is that healthy systems grow and, as a result of their growth, are able to maximize their potential. For us, that means we will maximize our potential of glorifying God by helping people come alive to the wonder of the gospel. And we know that when someone comes alive to grace, everything changes, from personal identity, to marriage vitality, to vocational integrity, to financial generosity, etc. When a church is healthy, God is glorified and we are filled with purpose, joy, hope and peace. This is why my desire for Creekstone, above all other dreams, is that we be a healthy church.

To this end, I will be teaching a five-week sermon series in January entitled, DYNAMICS OF A HEALTHY CHURCH, which I believe is going to be essential material for us as we pursue particularization on April 3rd. Yes, you read that correctly! We finally have all of the pieces in place and are ready for lift-off as our own self-governing congregation!

Now, you may be able to see even more clearly why this sermon series in January is so important. In fact, this series is so important that I am asking everyone who considers Creekstone his or her church home to be present for each of the next five weeks, STARTING THIS SUNDAY.

So, I hope to see you then as we celebrate the gospel in the presence of God, and begin our pursuit of church and personal health.

Soli Deo gloria,


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