New K-Group Plan

As we have mentioned already, after much discussion and prayer, the staff team has decided to redesign our K-Groups (K is for koinonia, the Greek word for fellowship). Rather than base these groups on age and stage, we are going to encourage groups to gather geographically.  This means that we likely will have groups representing the north, central, and south regions of our area, and maybe several of each where necessary.  The plan is for these groups, beginning in September, to meet on the 1st and 3rd Sunday evenings of each month. With each having a host home in which to meet and at least two equipped facilitators, the structure of the gatherings will be loose and flexible, yet probably will include a time of connecting, discussing the morning’s message, sharing needs and prayer.  Our long range goal for these groups is that they will serve as churches within the larger church with pastor/elders overseeing the shepherding care for the folks in each K-Group Community and be the context where assimilation takes place naturally for new folks at Creekstone.  Thinking that this new model will serve our community well, we plan to unveil more exciting details at our Vision Banquet following the service on Sunday, Aug. 21. We hope you will plan to be there!

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