Old World Churches vs. New World Churches, Part 2

Just like the Pilgrims had to rely on each other for survival, as a New World church, we will find ourselves relying on each other, too. We want to grow wider, but we also want to grow deeper. This is why we have K-Groups, which are our home fellowship groups made up of eight to twelve or so people who live life together in authentic friendships. This is where we grow deep and learn what it means to love in personal and practical ways. These are going to be the groups where what Old World churches call “pastoral care” takes place. We recognize that one person or even several cannot adequately or effectively care for hundreds of people. But if we gather in groups of eight or twelve or so, we will be able to care for one another in personal and practical and much more effective ways. So, be sure you are actively participating in a K-Group this year. For more information about these groups, contact Andy Woznicki at ajwoznicki@gmail.com


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