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Dr. Caston’s books are being prepared for distribution in two formats: as instantly downloadable e-books (that may be read on any mobile device) and as bound, print versions (which may be ordered through These titles include Foundations: An Introduction to Christian Theology, The Healthy Marriage: A Hopeful, Helpful and Practical Guide to Marital Renewal, The Bronze Serpent: A Collection of Prayers for Living All of Life in View of the Cross, Who Am I: Discovering Identity in Christ, An Unexpected Journey: the Story of Ruth, The Gospel for Real Life: the Message of James, and more.

A+ for an F: An Introduction to the Gospel for Ordinary Folks (with Discussion Guide)

A+ for an F is a clear, easy to read introduction to the gospel that can be used as an evangelism and discipleship tool to help anyone understand the essential concepts of justification and sanctification.

To receive A+ for an F as our free gift, simply use the promo code “GRACE” at checkout.

A+ for an F cover - version 2.png