Trout fishing on the Chattahoochee

Sunday afternoon Schaeffer and I met Joe McDonald, with his son, Coleman, for an afternoon fishing for trout on the Chattahoocchee River, which from spring to fall is stocked with 1,000 trout a week and is considered by many to be the best trout river in the southeast (temp is around 48-52 degrees year-round, since […]

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Cookout at the Johnson’s

On Saturday night, we took the crew over to Patrick and Jennifer Johnson’s home to cookout and play an 80’s trivia game (Ex: which modern artist appeared on the 200th episode of the Love Boat, and in which year? Answer below). They’ll be at our house on Monday to watch the BCS National Championship. For […]

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A Caston Christmas ’07

Today we got up and enjoyed gifts, Luke 2, orange breakfast rolls and time with friends (some who came from our old stompin’ ground of Tupelo, MS). It was so good to reconnect with them! Our kids were heard to say on several occasions, “This is the best Christmas ever!” Their enthusiasm was such a […]

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A Mississippi Family Christmas

From Dec. 14-16 we made a tour de force run from Georgia to Mississippi to attend the annual Luby family Christmas party (Kristy’s side of the clan). While there we got to see some friends (but not nearly as many as we wanted to see!). By the way, don’t miss the pics below of the […]

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Thanksgiving ’07

As is our tradition, we spend Thanksgiving day in Flora, MS, where Kristy’s family gathers. On Friday we had a special treat in that we got to see some special friends. Oh, how we love that word-FRIENDS-and all that it represents! Schaeffer and his cousin, Dayne, playing footballat Uncle Bubba and Aunt Caroyn’s in Flora, […]

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Backyard Foliage

Although the foliage is “past peak” at our house, the colors are still quite brilliant. I’ve tried to capture a bit of it here. Sarah Wynn making a face at Daddy,who is taking her picture from the kitchen window. The photos doesn’t do the array of color justice. Our dog, Gracie, is the black spot […]

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Drive Through N. Georgia Mountains

This past Sunday afternoon, we took a casual drive through the mountains of north Georgia (with peaks over 4,500 ft.). The foliage (yellow poplars, southern red oaks, red maples and sourwoods) was spectacular, even if about one week past peak (most trees still had leaves with man fire red and bright orange). Along the way, […]

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Daddy Lunch

Recently, Sarah Wynn and and I (McKay) were out for some Daddy time. On our way back home, she talked me into dropping by Chick-Fil-A for some gourmet nuggets and waffle fries (with chocolate milk no less!). How could I turn down that Q-T-Pie? :0)

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