The Grace of Adoption

We must not leave our gospel introduction before we see how union with Jesus by faith is not merely a legal issue. We are not merely given a new status as fully forgiven, perfectly righteous humans.We are engrafted into a new relationship with God as adopted sons and daughters. The gospel is not merely about […]

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God’s Work For Us Versus In Us

In the grade exchange, Jesus does the work and we get the credit. He studies; we succeed. This is called justifying grace, where God works for us. However, there is another kind of grace that takes place when God begins to work in us. This is called sanctifying grace, where God indwells his people in […]

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The 70 Million Dollar Word

Good interpretation matters. In 1980, 18-year-old Willie Ramirez was admitted to a Florida hospital in a comatose state. His friends and family attempted to describe his condition to the paramedics and doctors who treated him, but Willie’s family didn’t speak English.  They spoke Spanish and told the hospital staff with great urgency that Willie was intoxicado. The […]

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The Grade Exchange

In our last post, we discovered that God requires perfection. But we have all failed the test… and miserably.  But there is hope!  This hope is what I call grade exchange. Here is how it works. I fail the exam and Jesus makes a perfect score. As the grades are being handed out, Jesus stands up and […]

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Hope for Disconnected Disciples

Play Sermon Audio With the virtual extinction of telephone land lines, the most common form of communication now is via cell phone. While certain cell service providers are more reliable than others, everyone has experienced the dreaded “dropped call.” To get disconnected is so frustrating. But it also can be dangerous. In a health emergency. A serious […]

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The Question Everyone Gets Wrong

Seminary professor and author, Dr. Michael Horton, attended the National Christian Booksellers Convention in Denver, Colorado a number of years ago and asked the vendors a simple, but revealing question: “Does God require perfection?” Meaning, does God require that we be perfect in order to be in good standing with him now, and eventually experience […]

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The Country Club Gospel

I served a church back in the 1990s where many folks in the congregation were members of an exclusive country club in the heart of the city. As a pastor in my 20s, there was no way that I could afford to pay the membership fee, which I suspected was in the six-figure range. Nevertheless, […]

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The Power of Sacrificial Love

Since it has been 6 weeks since we took a break from our The Struggle is Real series, I’ll remind us that 1st Corinthians is the first of two canonical letters written by the Apostle Paul to the church he founded in the Greek city of Corinth around 48 A.D. By the time he writes […]

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Appearances Can Be Deceptive

Today is another guest post from a friend, Dave McCarty. His take on the upside-down, counter-intuitive feel of the gospel is slowly making its way into my heart. Maybe it will find its way into yours, too. To meet me, you would think… I’m a strong, confident, competent, cool, caring, together man.  You would be […]

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Slowing Down

Quick Navigation 1. I didn’t even know I was speeding.2. I was clueless about my need to slow down.3. Changing My Pace4. Six Suggestions for Living within Limits5. The Gospel Empowers Us to Slow Down 1. I didn’t even know I was speeding.A baby in our congregation was in the hospital in a near-by town […]

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Being a Friend, not a Fixer

For Christmas this year, my wife gave me When Darkness Seems My Closest Friend, by Mark Meynell. I have devoured it like a New York size slice of sausage and peperoni pizza after a 24-hour fast. Kristy knew this book would speak to me in a very personal way. Over the years, she has walked with […]

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Of Prophets and Meteorologists

Meteorologists have a tough job. They are called upon to predict the weather, often attempting an extended forecast days in advance. Sometimes they are accurate. Sometimes they miss badly. Still, we appreciate the work meteorologists do in giving us a heads up about what to wear or whether or not to head up the mountains […]

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