Pledge Sunday is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a special event for Creekstone, our first ever Pledge Sunday, where we have the opportunity to put feet on what we’ve been learning these past six weeks in our Generosity Factor sermon series.  This fall, we have discovered that the subject of money, possessions and giving actually is more about God’s giving than our giving, and yet, it is his extravagant generosity to us in Jesus that compels our generosity.  After all, everything that we possess belongs to God—all of it. He is the ultimate giver. As we have said, all of our pledging to him is in light of his pledge to us!

So, if you are committed to supporting the mission of the kingdom through Creekstone, I hope that you will plan to participate in this special event by coming prepared and ready to respond to God’s grace in a practical way as we make our financial pledges to the advance of the gospel for 2014!

By the way, if you are behind on The Generosity Factor messages, you can get caught up by listening here on our website (or via iTunes). This study has been revolutionizing my life in ways that I never expected. I trust that it has been doing the same in yours!

Hope to see you tomorrow for Pledge Sunday!

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