Post-Sermon Reflections on Building a Sandcastle Righteousness

Hey Creekstone folks,

So do you know what your sandcastle is? Say what? Well, you had to be there today to understand. Nevertheless, for those who were at Creekstone’s Sunday gathering today, I want to encourage you. Sandcastles can be redeemed! This happens when I recognize my motive for doing something is to “make a name for myself” (my sandcastle righteousness) and “lay my deadly doing down” at the cross. In other words, I lay that MOTIVE down and take up a new motive — to glorify God in that same pursuit, whether parenting, decorating, leading, studying, paralegaling, preaching, etc. Then I no longer have to get praised and be appreciated, but really can use my gift to bless others. However, let’s be honest, the self-glory motive is always lurking, wanting to rise to the top. So, let’s just be aware of that temptation, and continue to preach the gospel to ourselves. Then we will be free of the struggle to establish our own righteousness and able to boast in the cross in everything we do. After all, that is what gospel-centered living is all about—living in light of the achievement of Jesus that has been credited to me as a gift. It’s not by what my hands have done, but by what his hands have done. Now, may my life be lived to the glory of those nail-pierced hands.

More thoughts in the next few days. Until then, check back for daily posts. This is where I communicate with you between Sundays. So, feel free to comment and keep the conversation going. 🙂

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