Quotes on Sanctification by My Good Friend, Octavius Winslow

From The Work of the Holy Spirit (1843)

“The Holy Spirit is the efficient cause of all holiness in the believer.” p. 119

“It is by simple, close, and searching views of the cross of Christ that the Spirit most effectually sanctifies the believer.  This is the true and great method of gospel sanctification… The Spirit especially and effectually sanctifies by unfolding the cross of Jesus.”  p. 127

“Let no man dream of true mortification of sin, of real sanctification of heart, who does not deal constantly, closely and believingly with the atoning blood of Jesus.”  p. 129

“Self-trust, self-complacency, self-boasting all must be crucified… Our wisdom is to go in our weakness and folly to Jesus.  In this lies the great secret of our victory: ‘When I am weak, then I am strong.’”  p. 133

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