Relationships Are Like Gardens

Wise words from Paul Tripp from a recent blog post at the Gospel Coalition. His audience is vocational ministry leaders, but consider how this applies to marriage, parenting and friendship. I think if I took this to heart, my relationships would benefit all across the board.

There is no doubt about it: too many of us are trying to have hundred-dollar conversations in dime moments. Too many of us have left little time in our schedules for meaningful conversation, tender connection, and focused problem solving. Too many of us have little time for relational reflection and introspection in our ministries. Too many of us are doing ministry relationships on the fly. Relating to one another, too often, is what we do in between all the other things we are doing that really determine the content and pace of our schedules. But the ministry community doesn’t function very well as an in-between thing, and it surely doesn’t tend to thrive when we leave it alone and ask it to grow on its own. A ministry community that is going to grow, change, and become increasingly healthy needs cultivation. Like a garden, it doesn’t do well when it is being neglected.

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