Removing the Mucous Plug

A friend sent me a devotion that described the saving of a lamb by a shepherd. Here is the account:

I was visiting a sheep farm with a group of students once and we got to witness the birth of a little lamb. The shepherd was there watching over the process. When the lamb was delivered there was a mucous plug blocking its throat. It couldn’t breathe. It was dying. The shepherd jumped into the pen, grabbed the little lamb and, without hesitation, placed his mouth over the lamb’s nose and mouth and sucked hard pulling that mucous plug into his own mouth. The little lamb bleated and began to breath. It was, simultaneously, the grossest and most beautiful thing I’ve personally witnessed.

As is the cross, where Jesus ingested the mucous plug of our sin so that we can live. It is simultaneously the most unpleasant, yet most beautiful thing we can witness—to the praise of God’s glorious grace!

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