Sermon Notes for Sept. 16, 2012

Series: “Wrong Way: 4 Unexpected Principles that Will Turn Your Life Around” 

The first principle is “Weakness is not a Liability.” The second principle is “The Greatest is the Servant.” Today is the third —> “Living Requires Dying”

As many of you know, before moving to GA, our family lived in a farming/planting community in the Mississippi Delta… 

So, what does this principle look like in real life?  

  1. Spiritual vitality requires that we die to _________________ 
  2. Healthy marriages require that we die to the need to be _________________ 
  3. Authentic friendships require that we die to a _________________ self image 
  4. Teen courage over peer pressure requires dying to the need for _________________ 
  5. Peace requires that we die to playing _________________  
  6. Generosity requires that we die to the love of _________________ 
  7. Effective parenting requires that we die to _________________ 

“The Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice” is located in London’s, Postman’s Park — honors 54 people who have died saving the lives of others…

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