Sermon Notes for Sept. 23, 2012

Series: “Wrong Way: 4 Unexpected Principles that Will Turn Your Life Around” 

The first principle… “Weakness is not a Liability”; the second: “The Greatest is the Servant,” the third: “Living Requires Dying” —> Today, “The Bad are In, but the Good are Out”

Because of a fruit-based diet experiment in August, I learned how to choose/pick good fruit. That is how many of us think religion works. But Jesus turns the tables over on religion in Luke 5:27-32.

The principle: In the gospel, “The Bad are In, but the Good are Out”  

This is really good news and will turn all kinds of lives around!  

  1. It is good news for _________________.   
  2. It is good news for those with a sensitive _________________.  
  3. It is good news for those of us with _________________.  
  4. It is good news for those of us with _________________ families.
  5. It is good news for _________________.  
  6. It is good news for the shamefully _________________.  
  7. It is good news for _________________, _________________ brothers and modern day _________________.  

Earnest Hemmingway wrote a story about a father and son, Paco… 

In the gospel, “the bad are in, but the good are out.”

  • Am I ready to  believe this for myself?
  • Am I ready to believe it for others?


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