Sunday Messages Are Not Fast Food

Today I will be studying in Romans 2:1-16 (maybe to the end of the chapter), preparing for this Sunday’s Creekstone message. Please pray for me if you think about it. I don’t want to rush this process, which is so easy to do with a multitude of details swirling about: emails, FB messages, DMs from Twitter, snail mail, meetings coming up, big picture church planning, the launch of new ministries, family needs, etc. Trying to be committed to Q2. What is Q2? Find out here.  Anyway, the time needed to pray, study, soak, reflect, pray some more. Sermons that are banquets for our souls, enfused with the gospel ingredients of careful exegesis, sound doctrine, helpful illustration and meaningful application, take time to simmer while they cook. I don’t want to be a fast-food chef with the Word. 🙂  Thanks for praying, and have a great day as one of the forgiven, loved and accepted in Jesus.

Yours, by grace alone!

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