The Faith to Let Go – Exodus 2 (audio & notes)

This is message #4 in our sermon series, The Faith-FULL Life. In December of 2005, Tracinda Foxe's apartment building in the Bronx caught on fire. With flames quickly engulfing her third floor bedroom, Tracinda, holding her one-month old son, was forced to contemplate the unthinkable. Felix Vazquez, a Housing Authority employee and catcher on a … Continue reading The Faith to Let Go – Exodus 2 (audio & notes)


Many of us are familiar with the WWJD acrostic that stands for What Would Jesus Do? The idea is that when faced with moral or ethical dilemmas, we should appeal to the example of Jesus. I have no argument against that. However, from my experience, I often fail to do what he would do. Sometimes, … Continue reading WWJS