How “Exciting” Should Sunday Gatherings Be?

This post is an excerpt from Bob Kauflin's Worship Matters blog on "How Exciting Should Our Sunday Services Be?" Sunday mornings aren’t New Year’s Eve celebrations. They aren’t rock concerts. They aren’t pep rallies. They aren’t World Cup finals. They’re something much more mundane, and at the same time something much more eternally and cosmically significant. Our … Continue reading How “Exciting” Should Sunday Gatherings Be?


Many of us are familiar with the WWJD acrostic that stands for What Would Jesus Do? The idea is that when faced with moral or ethical dilemmas, we should appeal to the example of Jesus. I have no argument against that. However, from my experience, I often fail to do what he would do. Sometimes, … Continue reading WWJS

How Rookies Make the Team vs How We Make the Kingdom

Craig Brian Larson, editor of, tells an insightful story about how rookies make the team. The 2010 website of the Chicago Bears football team presented a series of videos that followed the team's rookies from their first arrival at training camp and on through the preseason. One video showed part of coach Lovie Smith's … Continue reading How Rookies Make the Team vs How We Make the Kingdom