Free Marriage Advice

Philosopher Alain de Botton provided some marriage advice recently in The New York Times. He claims that for the past two-and-a-half centuries many of us have been deceived by what he calls the Romantic view of marriage. He defines the Romantic view as the belief “that a perfect (human) being exists who can meet all our […]

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The Key to Communication

If there is a primary presenting problem that couples bring to the counseling office it is that they have a communication problem. The word communication is from the same Latin words from which we get the word community, cum (with) and unitas (unity).  Community describes people living with unity. There is something that uniquely connects […]

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The Love Triangle

ion of From the forthcoming book, The Love Triangle: How Union with Christ Transforms the Union of Marriage.  When my wife and I married, someone gave us a Heartleaf Philodendron, which is also called the Sweetheart Plant. Perfect for a newly married couple, right? We potted the philodendron in a fashionable, ceramic Gail Pitman bowl […]

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Grace-Centered Marriage Seminar (audio)

This is the audio from Creekstone’s recent Grace-Centered Marriage Seminar led by my wife, Kristy, and me. It was geared for engaged couples and newleyweds, but is applicable for folks at any stage of marriage. Covering both theological and practical issues, we hope that this material is helpful toward facilitating a more grace-centered experience of […]

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Ten Simple Reflections on Marriage

Here are ten simple reflections from  a marriage conference led by Dr. Jonny and Becky Long a while back at Creekstone. 1. Intimacy in marriage begins with intimacy with God as Abba, Father. Quality “face-time” with the Father sets up quality “fact-time” with my spouse. The closer and more intimate I am with the Father, […]

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The Five Levels of Communication

Today’s guest blogger is author, Dr. Gary Chapman, who shares with us what he calls The Five Levels of Communication. Just as it is helpful to identify certain communication patterns, it is also helpful to understand that various levels of communication exist. All communication is not equal in value. Some levels of communication foster greater intimacy than […]

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