Grace-Centered Marriage Seminar (audio)

This is the audio from Creekstone's recent Grace-Centered Marriage Seminar led by my wife, Kristy, and me. It was geared for engaged couples and newleyweds, but is applicable for folks at any stage of marriage. Covering both theological and practical issues, we hope that this material is helpful toward facilitating a more grace-centered experience of … Continue reading Grace-Centered Marriage Seminar (audio)

The Five Levels of Communication

Today's guest blogger is author, Dr. Gary Chapman, who shares with us what he calls The Five Levels of Communication. Just as it is helpful to identify certain communication patterns, it is also helpful to understand that various levels of communication exist. All communication is not equal in value. Some levels of communication foster greater intimacy than … Continue reading The Five Levels of Communication

What To Ask Before You Say “I Do”

Below are questions that John Piper, Pastor for Preaching and Vision at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN, compiled for folks considering marriage. It is not exhaustive, but a good start.  Theology What do you believe about...everything? Perhaps read through [the Gospel Coalition's theological summary] to see where each other is on various biblical doctrines. Discover … Continue reading What To Ask Before You Say “I Do”

God’s Drastic, Offensive, Liberating, Shocking and Counterintuitive Grace

At a Key Life pastor's conference, Dan Allender, said, "The Christian faith and the grace at its heart is so radical that most congregations can't deal with it." I will raise my hand to confess that I am one of those who wants to believe the gospel at a radical depth, but who struggles. Fear … Continue reading God’s Drastic, Offensive, Liberating, Shocking and Counterintuitive Grace

Five Ways to Show Practical Love to Your Spouse Today

Many of us have heard of Gary Chapman's book, The Five Love Languages. These five languages actually provide five ways to demonstrate practical love in marriage. So today, instead of a to do list, make a "love in action" list and implement these five opportunities to show love. 1. Encourage your spouse verbally. This can … Continue reading Five Ways to Show Practical Love to Your Spouse Today