I Want to be Free, Too

After my first meeting with Terry, one characteristic stood out. Not a physical characteristic. It was nothing about how he dressed or looked on the outside. He wore ordinary shorts, a t-shirt, and running shoes. He ordered a normal breakfast and we engaged in non-spectacular conversation. But there was something about him that affected me […]

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Critics in the Crowd

From 1975-1996, there was a popular TV show on public television called Sneak Previews. The program was hosted by two film critics in Chicago, Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel.[1] They are the duo that came up with the thumbs up or down system for evaluating movies. Their popularity launched a crowd of film critics, resulting […]

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Pastoral Work is Preaching Work

In his book, A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life, author J.I. Packer writes about the centrality and importance of preaching in the process of sanctification. In fact, the Puritan pastor believed they would “never perform a more important task than preaching.” [1] While it has become “our habit to think of […]

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Good Medicine

I read a blog post from Bill Kynes this morning that was really helpful. It encouraged pastors to focus on the one thing that they can uniquely contribute to the church—their role as a physician of the soul. The medicine, of course, is the gospel, and it must be dispensed in every possible way—from preaching, to […]

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My New Life as an Introvert

I recently read (devoured) Adam McHugh’s book The Introverted Church, which has been so very helpful. For my entire ministry as a pastor I have attempted to function as an extrovert, which has felt like trying to throw a baseball with my left hand. Nevertheless, I have always assumed that I should be an extrovert, as […]

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The Unstarched Pastor

I received Covenant Seminary’s quarterly magazine yesterday, appropriately titled, Covenant. In an article on pastoral ministry, the author quoted Charles Spurgeon, who told his ministerial students in the 19th century: That is the article I am deprecating, that dreadful ministerial starch. If you have indulged in it, I would earnestly advise you to “go and […]

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