8 Ways to Help Young Children Enjoy “Big Church” on Sundays

If you have younger children, here are some suggestions for how to coach them to enjoy "big church" on Sundays. 1. Talk to your kids about what they will experience. They will get to sing. They will hear prayers and the Bible read. There will be a sermon and sometimes special events like baptism or the … Continue reading 8 Ways to Help Young Children Enjoy “Big Church” on Sundays

How “Exciting” Should Sunday Gatherings Be?

This post is an excerpt from Bob Kauflin's Worship Matters blog on "How Exciting Should Our Sunday Services Be?" Sunday mornings aren’t New Year’s Eve celebrations. They aren’t rock concerts. They aren’t pep rallies. They aren’t World Cup finals. They’re something much more mundane, and at the same time something much more eternally and cosmically significant. Our … Continue reading How “Exciting” Should Sunday Gatherings Be?

Come and Get It!

According to World Vision, malnutrition kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. Estimates are that one person in seven in the world will go to bed hungry tonight—over 900 million people—with ninety-eight percent of them living in the developing, third world. What millions experience physically, countless others experience spiritually, and not … Continue reading Come and Get It!