You are Making a Difference

Last Sunday I found myself in the lobby visiting with a number of new folks. As I stood there talking, I noticed that there was a team of people in the auditorium taking down all of the equipment we use for worship—lights, speakers, screen, mic stands, the sound board, etc, and taking it all out to our truck that takes our stuff to a storage facility each week. Out front there was a team putting away tables and signage from our welcome and greeter area and taking it all to the truck. The folks responsible for the cafe’ were wrapping things up there, too, as well as the members of the nursery and GraceKids ministry. In a moment of reflection, it dawned on me yet again that Creekstone is a team ministry, and for that I am so very grateful. Or to use Paul’s analogy, we are a body, each doing its part, working together with the mission “to glorify God by helping people come alive to the wonder of the gospel.” So, to all those on the Creekstone team, whether you serve up front or behind the scenes, thank you. You are making a difference.

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