The 5th Dymamic

Hello friends,
Tomorrow is the 5th and final message in our January sermon series, Dynamics of a Healthy Church. If you want to read ahead, the passage we will study together is Joshua 1:1-11. By the way, the focus will not only apply to the church, but also to our personal lives, families, etc.

For example, here are some things we will talk about:

  • The importance of alignment in an organization’s mission.
  • How “hinge moments” in life (which are often hard moments) are places of challenge and opportunity.
  • The cause of relational “blowouts.”
  • How to “get up” and “step out” when tempted to put something off.
  • The power of encouragement.
  • Why God calls us to faithfulness and not success.
  • The problem of comparing ourselves to others.
  • Why fully invested, multi-level leadership critical for any organization… and more.

I bet there is something in our message tomorrow that is specifically for you. So, if you are able, let me know God uses it in your life. In other words, what was specifically helpful, challenging, inspiring or needed in your life from Sunday’s message, okay?

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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