The Concept that Changed My Life… with a Money-Back Guarantee

“Everything that I possess belongs to God. Not just 10%, but everything is his.”

That is a concept that has changed my life, and I think it will change your life, too. After all, did you know that the number one indicator of my spiritual health is how I view and use my money and possessions? This is why Jesus taught on money more than prayer, heaven and hell. And it is why I believe that what we will discuss on Sundays for the next six weeks during The Generosity Factor will be the most significant season of spiritual growth that you have ever experienced in your life.

I’m not overselling. I’m serious. So serious, that I want to invite you to take the generosity challenge.

Here is how it works: If you will attend each Sunday for the next six weeks and act on what the Bible says about money and possessions, I guarantee that by Thanksgiving, if you don’t experience significant spiritual growth that affects you personally and your family, you can have all the tithes and offerings back that you give during this series. This is not meant to be a gimmick. I simply want to create actionable steps that will help us come alive to the wonder of the gospel… to be stunned and overwhelmed by the generosity of Jesus! I want us to know him deeply and intimately. I want us to experience joy in our faith by being set free from the bondage of materialistic slavery. And I am convinced that this series is going to be fuel for the fire.

I can’t wait for Sunday. I’m so expectant and hopeful in what the Lord could do among us for his glory and our joy!