The Danger of the Prosperity Gospel

In my study today, I came across this two and a half minute sermon by Dr. John Piper (see below). I do not know anyone who will not be deeply affected by Piper’s prophetic voice, which is filled with passion, conviction, truth, sensitivity, and above all, a desire to see God glorified through suffering rather than prosperity. Sadly, the prosperity gospel resides deep in my heart, and I need it expunged on a regular basis. This short video helps to loosen its grip just a bit. As the father of two girls (15 and 7) and a son (13), his example of having a daughter die in a horrific car accident makes the application even more difficult to swallow. For Americans, this will be challenging  (I know that it is for my flesh, big time) and possibly controversial, but I hope thought provoking and maybe even faith inspiring as well, for God’s greater glory and our greater joy. There is much more to be said on this topic for sure. But I think you’ll get the point. 

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