The Empty Chair


Several years ago I attended a small group training seminar that encouraged groups to put out an “empty” chair when they met. This was to remind them of someone who was not there that could be there. As I look out at the high school auditorium, I stand amazed at the number of seats that are filled—seats representing real people who are being exposed to the radical grace of God in Jesus! But there are also empty chairs. On one hand I’m glad we have empty seats. It reminds us that Creekstone does not exist primarily for those who are already there, but for those who are not. Since we are a mission, those empty seats remind us that there are folks who are not there who could be there—adults, children and students glorifying God by coming alive to the wonder of the gospel as we learn to live all of life in view of the cross. But my dream is to see folks sitting in the aisle, forcing us to find more empty chairs. Not so that we could boast in greater numbers of people, but so that greater numbers of people could boast in the cross as they come alive to the wonder of the gospel!

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