The Inevitable Question

A note in The Reformation Study Bible on Romans 6:1-14 says, “So great was [Paul’s] emphasis on the freeness of God’s grace in the face of sin that his preaching had been accused of antinomian tendencies, or ignoring the ethical requirements of the law.” He knew that his preaching of grace would lead religous folks to begin asking the inevitable question, “If we are saved by sheer grace, then why not sin so that grace can abound all the more?” Other questions that are connected include these: What motive is there for living a new life? What power is available for change, if there is one at all? Should I see or expect a change in my life after I experience the revolutionary status alteration of the gospel (a fancy way of talking about justification).

This Sunday as we enter Romans 6, we are going to deal with these inevitable questions, finding that there is an inextricable connection between what God does for us (in justification) and what God does in us(through sanctification). This is going to lead us into a greater understanding of the gospel with many practical implications such as: (1) what should “living a new life” look like, (2) why do I see so little change in my life, and (3) how can I change?

So as you can see, we are transitioning from the foundation of our new position secured for us to the power of Jesus lived through us. This is exciting, practical and helpful stuff! The main passage we’ll be looking at is Romans 5:20-6:4. Read ahead if you are able so that you can come hungry for more gospel, more grace, more Jesus.


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