The Marriage Expedition #1 • Sermon Notes for Sunday

The Marriage Expedition: Essential Supplies for the Journey– #1 • “A Mirror”


Main point.  “The gospel is a mirror of _____________. Looking into the mirror of _____________ enables me, supernaturally, to treat my spouse the way _____________ has treated me.”  


1 Timothy 1:15-17

  •  v. 15 – See the way things were in the law mirror  
  •  v. 16 – See the way things are in the gospel mirror  
  •  v. 17 – Notice the doxology! 


So, what happens when I look into the mirror of mercy?  At least four things —>

  1. I will _____________ my own flesh as a primary contributor to the problems in my marriage.   
  2. I will freely _____________ when I am wrong.   
  3. Rather than be an _____________, I will become an _____________.
  4. Rather than point out _____________, I would help find _____________.


Conclusion.  “Mirror mirror on the wall,” who is the most grace needy of us all?



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