The Power to Change

This is another post from chapter six of Bryan Chapell’s book, Holiness by Grace, which deals with the power of God that enables us to change from the inside out.  

“People drowning in destructive habits are not rescued by simply urging them to act more like Christians… True spiritual change is more a consequence of what our hearts love than of what our hands do… Thus, our most powerful spiritual weapon is consistent adulation of the mercy of God revealed in Christ… As the Spirit uses the revelation of God’s grace to change hearts, then affections change, lives change, and disciplines (the means of grace) are willingly and lovingly exercised… The message of grace is itself the instrument of power in spiritual warfare… [So], let us take hold of this message firmly, letting its transformative power seep so deeply into our hearts that we cannot help but love and serve our God with joy and enthusiasm.”

The full post is here.


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