The Samson Society

The Samson Society is the result of the ministry of Nate Larkin, former pastor and recovering addict. Over our vacation, I read his personal testimony, Samson and the Pirate Monks, in which he calls men to authentic brotherhood and community, something we guys rarely experience. Regardless of one’s addiction, the truth is that men need men. We need an authentic community. A band of brothers. Gospel comrades. This book is a remarkably transparent look at the need for this kind of community and a proposal for the model of a viable solution. I trust that what he has revealed in his own heartbreaking, but redemptive story will become a reality among the men who call Creekstone home. If you are a man, please get and read this book. Please. Larkin’s story will resonate with you. It did with me. Furthermore, it is very well written, appropriately humorous, serious and engaging. For more, see

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