The Two Ways to Live

There are essentially two ways to live: under law or under grace. Look at the list below and (now be honest) decide which describes your life.

 I am living under law if:

  • I despair of my failures or I’m proud of my success
  • I focus on behavior rather than the heart – I need to look good
  • If God is more of my judge than my Father
  • I I feel condemned, not loved
  • If when I give, I give as little as possible (not generous)
  • I tend to be critical; always look for what is wrong
  • I tend to despise the poor
  • I am very opinionated – I need to be right
  • I harbor grudges and refuse to forgive; I like to get even/revenge
  • I don’t repent – rather, I make excuses, shift blame
  • I am insecure – I need to impress people and protect myself from embarrassment 
  • I am defensive and demanding
  • Those closest to me feel the law from me, not grace  

I am living under grace if:

  • I am neither despairing nor proud — Rather, I’m humble, but secure 
  • I am aware of the root sin motives that cause sinful behavior
  • I see and experience God as my Father. I a treasured son/daughter – Jesus already has been judged for me
  • I feel loved, not condemned
  • I am becoming more generous – I love to give
  • I am patient, and often more critical of my own ideas than those of others
  • I don’t need to be right or look good
  • I have compassion on the poor
  • I am approachable and repentant
  • I am glad and willing to forgive freely and fully
  • I am gracious when others fail or disappoint me
  • Those closest to me feel grace – they feel loved, appreciated

If you are like me and tend to live most of your life under law, how can we really live under grace and experience the life-changing influence and power of the gospel? It is possible. Find out this Sunday at Creekstone. 🙂


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