This Coming Sunday’s Sermon Info

Hey Creekstone friends,

We know that not every influence is positive, and yet everyone is influenced by something or someone. This week we continue our climb up Romans 8, trekking through verses 5-13 in a message entitled, “Under the Influene: The Spirit-Led Life.”

Some of us will arrive on Sunday in great spiritual shape. Others of us will be spiritually out of breath, or as the hymn says, “weak and wounded, sick and sore.” Some will journey with us as skeptics, wondering if the view from the top is going to be as breathtaking as promised. 

As with all ascents of worthy mountains, there will be challenges. But in the end, regardless of your hiking condition, I am convinced that we are going to find deep and substantive encouragement from this passage. In light of Jesus’ dying devotion to us, we are going to find ourselves longing to live lives under the influence of the Spirit. It will be a spiritual recharge for many of us, and for some, maybe the very first awakening of genuine spiritual life. 

So, will you come expectantly this Sunday? Even enthusiastically? Will you consider inviting someone to join you, or meet you there? I assure you that if you invite a friend, he or she will hear the gospel as clearly as possible and will have the opportunity to respond in a non-threatening, safe atmosphere. And if your guest attends, please give me the privilege of meeting him, her or them, okay? Thanks!

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